Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Five Tips For Speeding Up Your Computer

In the past I have written an article describing how to improve your computer performance. This time I have decided to write an article with five additional tips that could help with increasing your computer speed. If you haven't read my other article, I highly recommend checking it out at. Those are the main ways to increase your computer speed. These are just small additional tips. Anyway, let's get to them. They are in no particular order.

1. Using The Classic Theme

One way you can increase the speed of windows is by not using one of the newer Windows themes. Instead, try changing your theme and use the Windows Classic theme. This theme is a lot easier on your computer.

To change your theme, go to the control panel, then display properties, then themes.

2. No Wallpaper

Having a wallpaper on your computer is nice, but it also is just another item for your computer to load on startup. Instead of having a big high resolution photo, why not have your wallpaper blank? Yeah your computer looks dull, but you might notice an increase in your computer speed since it doesn't have to load that wallpaper.

3. Turn Off The Indexing Service

I don't know why this was even enabled by default on Windows XP. The indexing service is supposed to help speed up file searches on the computer. Most people don't do file searches very often though. And if you do use one, just download a separate program to do that! There are many available that do a better job at it such as Agent Ransack.

To disable the Indexing service, go to control panel - administrative tools - services. From there, double click on the indexing service and change it to disable.

4. Reload FireFox

Ok, I can't believe I put this. But, if you use FireFox, you might be aware of Firefox's memory leaks. After using Firefox for some time, it can quickly take up a lot of your RAM. This can especially slow down your computer. If you've had Firefox open awhile, clear your cache, reload FireFox, and continue web surfing.

5. Use Trillian

Do you use a lot of IM Messengers? If you do, consider downloading Trillian. AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger all use up a LOT of memory. With Trillian, you can connect to all of them with just one messenger. And honestly, Trillian uses less memory then either AIM, MSN, or Yahoo. Imagine how much memory it takes to run all three at once. If you are doing that, just download Trillian.

Hopefully these tips will help you to speed up that old computer. Good luck!


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