Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reasons To Have a Computer

What did we ever do without computers? I am not sure I even remember the time when they didn't exist. Computers rule our world, and most everything we do. Kids as early as the age of three know how to use them and many of us find them indispensable in our daily lives. Yet there are many people that have not yet delved into the technology of the present and future. Some people think that computer is intimidating and unnecessary. Hard to imagine, but true.

The convenience factor cannot be beat and as far as information goes, nothing is faster or more useful than typing a phrase into Google or Yahoo search and getting back thousands of relevant pages full on information. Not to mention the instant communication benefits of email versus regular mail, which is now appropriately termed snail mail. So, in case your still wondering what the benefits of computers are, here is a list which hopefully will prompt you to join us in our computer happy world.

3 Reasons to Own a Computer

1. The first benefit for owning a computer is finding information on the Internet. The Internet was first created during the 1960s for military reasons. However, the Internet started to expand and became widely available for everyone in the 1990s. When users connect to the Internet, they are able to find a lot of information without driving to the library.

The library is a wonderful place for children to learn how to read. However, there are obsolete books and people are required to carry a library card. Also, if people lose their book, then they will be required to pay a fine to the library. Researching on the Internet provides current information every day and people don't have to borrow or pay fines to the library.

2. The second benefit for owning a computer is sending and receiving electronic mail. E-mail services are being paid by banner and sponsored advertising. Therefore, people will be able to send and receive messages for free. Also, e-mail provides fast and speedy service without waiting for the postman.

While the postman is great for receiving large packages, the price for a stamp increases every year. Furthermore, depending on the location, people will have to wait for a reply. By using e-mail, people will be able to receive replies within minutes or the next day at the latest.

3. The third benefit for owning a computer is making new friends. The Internet allows people to use social networking sites to reunite or make new friends. Without using a computer, people won't be able to know where their friends are located. Therefore, people have to rely on the big and bulky telephone book to find information. Also, international friendships are impossible due to currency rates and higher postal fees. As a result, people are unable to learn about different cultures and trends in an international area.


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